Founder And CEO 

With over 15 years of experience as a parking design consultant  on projects ranging from small surface lots to multi-level facilities serving thousands of vehicles, engineer Adil Bishara has gained a high level of expertise in the nuances of functional, land-use planning and signage design. This vast experience allows Bishara and his team at B.T.E to provide creative, user-friendly and operationally efficient parking design to their clients.

Eng. Adil Bishara

B.T.E provides expert parking planning and design services to government offices, medical and educational institutions, developers, architects, and contractors.

We have an extensive experience in the planning and design of parking involving many diverse land uses.


We provide planning and consulting services in the following areas of expertise:



Planning and designing multi-use, mixed-use and multi-modal parking facilities.​


Site analysis and conceptual design studies. 

Traffic flow and functional design.


Parking layout, circulation and ramp design.

Automated parking design.

Parking access and revenue control systems.

Parking Traffic Signage and wayfinding  design.